This is a diary of my adventures, solo and with fellow birders. The photos of birds here mainly serves as a record of birds I see, giving you an idea of the area I live in. Some of my favorite photos are found under the “Gallery” in the “My Birding” menu. It is a great feeling being out in the field watching birds. As well as birding, I enjoy photographing birds.

I seriously started birding in 1979 in college… though the first bird I was awed by was a Magpie as a child in 1968. My first birding trip was to Mount Pinos in California. Seeing the beauty of California Condors in flight above me, got me hooked.

1979 was pre-internet and computers; so I kept an ever-growing checklist of birds in my Peterson’s Guide. Unfortunately, this guide was forever lost in a long-distance move. Thus, I had to start over, not able to remember so many of those birds.

Life put birds on hiatus for a while, but since 2018 this has changed. It was sparked by that first Great-spotted Woodpecker here in Hokkaido that I saw. Since then I have had a consuming desire to see and learn what I can about the birds around me and beyond. Ha Ha, I have returned with a vengeance… humbly ready to absorb all there is to offer.

I do the best with the equipment I have; eventually I hope to improve the quality of my lenses. Luckily, there are many fellow birders that are very kind, and generous with their knowledge. Thank you all, and I appreciate it!

ANY chance I get to run out birding, I seem to be there……

Any corrections in birds or comments are always welcomed. As well, feel free to check out the links page, which leads to other birders in Hokkaido and sites of birding interest.

Jeff 🙂