Here is a list of Birding links in no particular order:

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1. Stuart Price – Hakodate Birding

Great site with marvelous photos of so many birds!

2. Dr. Mark Brazil

He wrote a great bird handbook for East Asian birds & more. He also gives tours when he is in Hokkaido.

3. Wild Bird Society of Japan

WBSJ Home with links in English to some bird sanctuaries. Google translate will work fairly well on the pages.

4. Branches of the WBSJ

List in Japan to find a group to bird with.

5. eBird

Catalog your birdlists, find birding hotspots, and much more.

6. Avibase

The world bird database

7. Fatbirder

Japan birding section

8. BirdForum

Very friendly forum with a lot to offer.

9. Xeno Canto

Bird sounds from around the world to search and listen to.

10. Bubo Listings

Viewable world life & checklists of birders.

11. Hokkaido Bird Watching Spots

PDF 114 pages! with thanks to Japan-Birding

These 2 lists below from Armas Hill have been invaluable for subspecies notation:

12A. Japan Birds – Pheasants to Pittas (valuable online regional guide).

12B. Japan Birds – Minivets to Buntings (valuable online regional guide).

13. Documents of interest:

Articles of Interest