Here is a list of Birding links and Apps in no particular order:

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1. Stuart Price- Hakodate Birding. Great site with marvelous photos of so many birds!

2. Dr. Mark Brazil – wrote a great bird handbook for East Asian birds. He also gives tours when he is in Hokkaido.

3. Wild Bird Society of Japan – home with links in English to some bird sanctuaries. Google translate will work fairly well on the pages.

4. List of the Branches of the WBSJ in Japan to find a group to bird with.

5. eBird – Catalog your birdlists, find birding hotspots, and much more.

6. Avibase – The world bird database

7. Fatbirder – Japan birding section

8. Hokkaido Bird Watching spots – PDF 114 pages! with thanks to Japan-Birding

9. BirdForum – Very friendly forum with a lot to offer.

10. Xeno Canto – Birdsounds from around the world to search and listen to.

11. Bubo Listings – Viewable world life & checklists of birders.

These 2 lists below from Armas Hill have been invaluable for subspecies notation:

13A. Japan Birds – Pheasants to Pittas (valuable online regional guide).

13B. Japan Birds – Minivets to Buntings (valuable online regional guide).

14. Documents of interest:

Apps I use:

5. birdseye bird finding guide

(app for location of birds near me; hotspots, wiki and photos)

App: iPhone
App: android

6. gobird

(app for location of birds near me; hotspots, wiki, sounds, and photos)

App: iPhone
App: android

7. birds complete reference guide

(app showing all World birds and links to wiki, sound, images and video)

App: iPhone
App: android

8. Bird Names World Translator

(app that can translate world birds to and from any language with text and sound output)

App: iPhone N/A
App: android