Here are some articles and links related to Bird Ecology. Check the Home menu tab for more articles on birds. As well the links to Audubon and Smithsonian offer activities.

It is quite amazing the amount of protections or aids to survive that birds and other wildlife need. So many have not been put in place for species to survive. On the other hand there is a few instances of rebounds and dedicated groups and individuals. This Bird Ecology page with focus on the ecological needs and the groups and individuals who champion the cause. The “rebounds” can be found on the my article page here. I am starting to realize the importance of Bird Ecology and Wildlife Ecology in general. I thought it was some fad of the 1970’s, but I sure was wrong about that.

Bird Ecology as necessary as seen at IUCN Red List


It is all organized really well to find quickly things by menu tab or search. You can find a species stats, Taxonomy, etc. and in graphs – threat level, ecosystem info, habitats, specific threats and more.

As well, you can find very interesting articles, and research papers that have been written on various related topics and species if needed.

It automatically supports English, French, Spanish and Japanese as a menu option without the need of Google Translation. There are many features in the footer of the site as well.

I use this site quite often to check details on the birds I have seen. As well, I want to get a better understanding of the issues that wildlife face; in the growing expansion of human, and corporate complexes.