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2020 news

Below is the latest news on my site updates. So very busy sorting thru photos! The lastest post with bird photos is here: Spring and summer has brought many exciting birds to see week by week. I am confined to local areas of the Otaru parks and the Yoichi River due to the Coronavirus. Generally I am out in the field at least once a week. I shoot 500-1500 photos each trip, so forgive me if it takes time on some posts to add the photos. My posts ramble on about the fun, interesting adventures, sometimes those Oh My! moments. All the posts do contain the adventures; solo and group, as well as detailed information on numbers and subspecies of bird seen as to those interested. Thanks for taking a look around. Best to you wherever you are!

Jeff 🙂

New things that are happening:

  • I am adding a range map and the generational age as well as the longevity for each bird to the the Lifelist.
  • Each bird in the Lifelist will have a link to lots of data, maps, photos on that bird at the IUCNRedList species site.
  • In each bird sighting in a post; I am adding the distance between my camera and the bird photographed, as well as the usual shot information.
  • To get an accurate subject distance I am using this calculator that is found here (in development).
  • Adding more to the bird articles section found in the menu bar.
  • Seasonal Bird List that will show the time period a given bird is present in the area I live.

With Thanks and copyright Kylee Wiseman

Jeff 🙂

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