Yoichi (visit 11)

Today, I made a fairly large itinerary of stops. I hit the previous Otaru Group trip’s Yoichi bird group stops, as well as both sides of the river from one bridge to the other. The Marsh Tits were out and jumping back and forth between the trees on each side of the path. Quite a few Black-eared Kites were out soaring, with enough wind to make it fun for them.

Jeff 🙂

Yoichi/Niki Town route for the day. Started at the green dot, ended at the yellow dot; clockwise around the river. The pink dots are where I stopped to bird watch.

Excursion #: 69

Place: Yoichi and Niki, Hokkaido, Japan

Date: 10-28-2019

Time: 9:00-15:45

Weather: Sunny, windy, cool.

1. Nikon D90 
2. Tamron 150-600 mm G2 F5-6.3 
3. Nikon D80 w/ multibattery pack 
4. Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 G ED VR
5. Nikon “Monarch” 10×42 6°
6. Velbon up-400 Monopod

Kurokawa Pond # 1

Yoichi River View # 2

Kurokawa Pond # 3

Yoichi Crow field

Salmon Point, Niki Town, Yoichi River

Yoichi River Footpaths

river footpath (right side)
river footpath left side)

Day list of birds sighted: 23

KP#1=Kurokawa Pond #1 RV#2=Yoichi River View #2 KP #3=Kurokawa Pond #3 CF=Yoichi Crowfield SP=Salmon Point FP-(L)= Yoichi River Footpath (Left side from ocean) FP-(R)= Yoichi River Footpath (Right side from the ocean) *also includes in the river.

(Anas zonorhyncha)

 (18+) (KP#1), (KP#3), (SP)

(Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos)

 (3) (KP#1)

(Milvus migrans lineatus)

(11) (KP#1), (KP#3), (SP), (FP)

(Corvus corone orientalis)

(200+) (KP#1)

(Corvus macrorhynchos japonensis)

(2) (KP#1)

(Hypsipetes amaurotis hensoni)

(26+) (KP#1), (FP)

(Ardea alba alba)

(10) (RV#2), (SP) *

(Spatula clypeata)

(3+) (KP#3)

(Anas acuta)

 (1+) (KP#3)

(Anas crecca crecca)

(3+) (KP#3)

(Aythya ferina)

(2) (KP#3)

(Mergus merganser merganser)

 (24+) (KP#3), (SP)

(Fulica atra atra)

(3) (KP#3)

(Ardea cinerea jouyi)

(7) (CF), (SP), (FP) *

(Passer montanus saturatus)

 (25+) (CF)

(Larus schistisagus)

(24+) (SP) *

(Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis)

(11) (SP), (FP) *

(Poecile palustris hensoni

(3) (SP), (FP)

(Bucephala clangula clangula)

(1) (FP-L) *

(Phalacrocorax pelagicus pelagicus)

(1) (FP) *

(Phalacrocorax carbo)

(1) (FP) *

(Chloris sinica kawarahiba)

(3) (FP-R)

(Emberiza fucata fucata)

(2) (FP-L)

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